Writing assignment meaningful comments

Give your students better writing feedback. A practical guide for instructors.

Writing assignment meaningful comments

Resources Portfolio Assessment A somewhat newer approach of evaluation is the writing portfolio. This approach underscores writing as a process, a meaningful communicative act, and a skill worthy of emphasis in the foreign language curriculum.

Some characteristics important to any type of portfolio assignment are: Repeated submissions over time: Student selection of "representative sampling": Feedback from multiple sources: Focus on process, growth, active analysis: Asking students to revise a written assignment helps them develop their writing skills and engages them in active analysis of their writing.

Over the course of the semester, by comparing their very first and last assignments, they become cognizant of the progress they have made. Meaningful, motivating and long-term learning: When students re-examine and compare their different writing assignments, they realize that the writing task is part of a long-term learning process rather than a single evaluative event.

writing assignment meaningful comments

The noticeable progress they make and the recognition of their work by the instructor and peers can be highly motivating for most students.Association of American Colleges & Universities A V oice and a F orce for L iberal E ducation in the 21 st C entury. What Meaningful Writing Means for Students.

The Power of Writing Anne Ellen Geller and Neal Lerner. W hat makes a writing assignment meaningful for undergraduates? In the Meaningful Writing Project—a . Comments are for narrative and expository writing.


This resource is well organized. Teachers can use this to arrange these comments based on success criteria to make it quicker to use.

Very good product. Creative way with words. Thanks. - Melanie L.

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Today one of my students commented on how my comments were so personal. Obviously 4/5(K).

writing assignment meaningful comments

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The first step to make written communication meaningful for students is to personalize the subjects they write about. I create assignments that require students to apply their learning to their own lives.

allows writers to communicate with each other, once again making writing meaningful. questions, and responding to their comments on a. Writing Comments on Student Work. Here are some suggestions on how to make your comments meaningful to students. For more detailed advice about writing comments on papers, Write specific comments in the margin and more general comments at the end of the assignment.

General comments give the students an overall sense of what went right. A fourth writing assignment is developed from a basic idea in order to illustrate the use of purpose and audience to create meaningful assignments.

KEYWORDS: Writing, calculus, audience, purpose, meaningful assessment.

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