Writing a news story worksheet

Depending on your style of teaching you might consider one of the following: Collect together six newspaper headlines. Black out one word in each.

Writing a news story worksheet

There are currently 39 worksheets in this category with more being added regularly. This particular worksheet uses a newspaper article to get students to think about traffic police.

It includes a range of activities including a true or false section, a role play, and a writing activity. If your students are not quite at this level yet, consider an alternative worksheet to use in your classroom. Newspaper articles are a great ESL resource.

You can use them to introduce vocabulary related to a particular topic, start discussions, and even when talking about reported speech with learners of any level. Sometimes you will have to create your own article or story rather than using something from an actual newspaper.

This will ensure that it is written at a level suitable for your learners and focuses on something you specifically want to work on in class. With more advanced classes, you can encourage your students to read English newspapers outside of class and even submit ones that they think are interesting for you to consider using as part of a lesson.

This gives students more practice as well as some input on the content of their course. Additionally it allows you to determine what they are most interested in. If and how you include newspaper English in your lessons is entirely up to you and depends a lot on your students.FREE Writing Worksheets.

As ESL teachers, You’ll find worksheets on any topic you can imagine, from daily routines and holidays to pop culture, news, and even poetry and song lyrics.

writing a news story worksheet

Students are asked to look at the picture and write a story to tell what's happening. A Jewish family are celebrating Hanukkah/5(10).

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Here we finish the job of writing the news story, which we began in Chapter 4: Writing the intro in simple ashio-midori.com consider ranking key points, structuring them in a logical way, and the importance of checking the story before handing it in.

Try these news writing exercises.

writing a news story worksheet

Each exercise provides a set of facts or a scenario, and it's up to you to produce a story from it. To get the maximum benefit, force yourself to do these on a tight deadline. Lesson 3: Writing a news story Lesson 3: Writing News. LEARNING OVERVIEW.

Students write a news script which is clear, concise and correct - the three Cs of journalism. Worksheet Worksheet 4 Keeping news safe and legal. Unit B: Become a Journalist. High Five Unit B: Page 2 High Five: Unit B / Table of Contents Writing a News Story 87 Lesson Feature Stories 95 Lesson Writing a Feature Story is the same on paper or online.

A news story must answer the who, what, when, where, why/how questions. Hard-news stories still contain the most important. Basic News Writing “Hard News” “Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”-Gene Fowler, author.

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