Write a short article about new fashion trends

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Write a short article about new fashion trends

Share1 Shares We do some strange things in pursuit of beauty. Women around the world get up early to stare in their mirrors, paint their faces, and pluck their eyebrows.

We spend fortunes on fashionable clothes and do some absolutely destructive things to our bodies just to keep to a standard of beauty. Over time, the concept of beauty has changed—a lot. The generations that came before us had their own ideas about what looked good, and some of those seem completely bizarre today.

If a woman wanted to exude sophistication and beauty, she needed a long, black, caterpillar-like line of hair stretching across her brow.

write a short article about new fashion trends

According to ancient Greeks, unibrows were the sexiest accessory that a woman could wear. Women dabbed black powder on the hair between their eyebrows to make it stand out and look as full as possible.

If a girl was unlucky enough to be born without any hair between her eyes, she would make do. Some would rub black soot between their brows.

Others dyed goat hair black, dabbed some tree resin on the back, and attached it to their heads.

write a short article about new fashion trends

There, the ladies pulled out every stop to make sure that they looked good. No trend, though, compared to the dignity and beauty of wearing chopines, platform shoes with massive wooden heels that were sometimes more than 0.

The look became so popular that it spread to men, too. Since people were essentially walking on stilts, getting around was pretty hard.

Most people outside of Florence thought that the look was ridiculous. At the very least, they accepted that wearing chopines kept women from dancing—and that, after all, was the worst sin of all. If you add a little extra, you can kill them.

In Renaissance Italy, though, women poured it straight into their eyes. It also blurred your vision and accelerated your heart rate. If you used too much of it, you could go blind. Still, that was a small price to pay to look good.

The Guardian Civilizations throughout history have unanimously agreed that bulging penises are just a good look. In England, the fad has gone in and out of style for the past years.

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