The warm and bright memories on our old house

Stacy started working on the house in It was completed in

The warm and bright memories on our old house

I remember it vividly and all kinds of little things come rushing back to me as I sit and think of those long bygone days in First of all the headmistress took me along to Class 1, where I was introduced to my teacher named Miss Stevens.

She was a very pleasant dark haired lady who soon put me at ease. After settling in with all the other new boys and girls, our names were called out off the register which was done each morning, I believe there were about 35 pupils in our class.

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We did not have desks in this class but there were small wooden tables where 4 or 5 pupils were seated to each one. At ten o 'clock it was break time or as we used to say 'play time'. I was thrilled to bits when the teacher asked another girl and I to lay the tiny tables.

We were given orange floral cotton tablecloths to put on each one, upon which we then placed small white enamel plates for the boys and girls to put their biscuits or sandwiches on. As time went on I built up quite a good collection and would swap with other girls the various ones of which I had two the same for a different film star which they had, it was quite good fun.

We also had small mugs of really delicious Horlicks, each one painted with nursery rhymes. As time passed I went into Class 2 and my teacher at this time was Miss Cutler. I can see her now, she always seemed to wear brown on most occasions, her hair was always combed neatly into one long curl which went all the way round from one side of her head to the other and when she walked along it used to bob up and down, at the time it used to fascinate me.

She was very nice and helpful if you did not understand any of the lessons she would sit very patiently with you and explain everything. Eventually I went into the last class in the infants, my teacher there was Miss Girdlestone, she was a real shocker, such a nasty temper, she used to shout and get very angry if you did not pay attention.

Of course not everyone had these because some of the pupils parents were very poor, there were cases of real poverty with some of the families and of course there was no family allowances or much help to be obtained in those days.

The only help I remember was some of the very poor girls and boys were given shoes and socks from the 'Daily Mail', they were very ugly looking big black shoes and thick black socks, the same style for both boys and girls. Then of course some of the other children could be very cruel and used to make fun of them.

Speaking for myself I had a wonderful father and mother and was looked after very well I did not want for anything, I had two brothers, we were always a very happy family. My father worked very hard seven days a week for a refrigeration company near St Martins Church in the 'Bull Ring' in the centre of Birmingham.

As far as I can remember he was never late for work, always liked to be punctual and his boots had to be blacked every day, if ever I cleaned them for him he would give me a Id which in them days would buy me quite a few sweets.

We always had a weeks holiday each year, the family would travel by GWR from 'Snow Hill' station to Bournemouth, it used to be so exciting, especially when after five hours travelling we would reach our destination and after enjoying a lovely meal at the guest house where we used to stay, would go for a walk up Meridan Road and catch our first glimpse of the sea, before we descended down the zig-zag path which was cut out of the cliffs and very steep.

We used to walk down but on the return trip sometimes took the cliff railway, which I believe cost 3d and seemed really thrilling at the time. We would spend most of our time on the lovely golden beach, which stretched for miles and miles, I used to love swimming.

Then in the evenings we used to have a ride on the green bus to places like 'Poole Harbour', 'Christchurch', 'Hensbury Head' and various little places of interest. The reason I speak of this green bus was the fact it was so different to the buses back home, we sat upstairs, the whole family could sit on one seat which held 4 or 5 people and as a child I thought it was really exciting sitting with my mother, father and brothers.

Then there was one special evening we set aside to visit my aunt and uncle who lived in Bournemouth, who made us all very welcome but we had to be on our best behaviour, as they had no children of their own, everything was immaculate, nothing out of place and of course my brother and I used to like to roam around a little from room to room being a little inquisitive, which I don't think my aunt appreciated at the time.

Anyway we all enjoyed our summer holiday and when it came to Saturday we were all sorry to return to Birmingham. We were quite happy when we all settled into our routine again, after all there is no place quite like home and I was anxious to see all my friends whom I used to bring sticks of rock for and tell them all my adventures and things we had been doing for the past week.

I also had to visit my two aunties and granddad who lived near us and take them a little gift. I used to love them all very much they always meant a lot to me, I was at their house quite a lot and they would take me out to visit friends and sometimes shopping.

On one occasion my aunt Ada took me into town, which was a short distance by tram, we looked around various shops then visited the old 'market hall' which everyone used to enjoy, there was so much you could buy there, sometimes I would be treated to a 'Shirley Temple' book or a doll I also enjoyed seeing all the kittens and puppies in the pet shop but felt sorry because they were all shut up in cages waiting for some kind person to come along and buy them.

I would have bought all of them if I had my way, that's what I thought at the time. We already had a dog and cat at home, we were never without pets. The waitress would suddenly appear dressed immaculate in her black dress, white cap and apron, her order pad and pencil tied at the side of her waist.

My aunt would order tea and fancy cakes for two. After a few minutes our order would be brought all on a silver tray, which was very enjoyable. Afterwards we would make our way across town to 'Edmund Street' and catch the tram back home.Bright photography, Newark, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

The warm and bright memories on our old house

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The warm and bright memories on our old house

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