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He was determined to live closer to Vancouver's city centre — Canada's hottest property market — and cut out his transport expenses.

The new big thing the

Instead, the company will be promoting the larger, 10 kWh version for home use as a backup power source during the occasional electrical outage. That one is not equipped for daily use.

Those hard-wired generators — a different product from gasoline-powered portable units — have become a fairly popular option since Generac, the largest manufacturer of standby home generators, started working directly with homebuilders to install them during new construction.

Large standby units are powerful enough to keep a whole house up and running. Early adopters among residential contractors almost certainly will find a way to get the Powerwall into their new homes.

Riviera Beach, FL,-based Mesocore, whose sustainable factory-built homes feature solar energy, rainwater harvesting and "allow … for off-grid applications," is one of those builders.

The Powerwall, the company noted in a press release after Musk unveiled the device, "offers perfect synergy for solar battery backup systems that are currently being used by sustainable homebuilders.

And if homeowners want them, builders are likely to figure out a way to be part of that purchase.Car Stereo – Powered by Android – The new Big Thing Kermit October 19, Android Reviews Audio Gadget Reviews Car Gadget Reviews Reviews views Android Auto on your car stereo is amazing and fun.

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May 09,  · The New Big Thing City Bankruptcies Richard L. Sigal, a lawyer who has played roles in many fiscal crises, including New York City’s in the s, was wary of bankruptcy, arguing that the Chapter 9 law does not bestow the power to tax, cut spending or borrow — the tools that struggling governments need.

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Apr 01,  · Samsung: Our 'next big thing' ads drove Apple's marketing chief 'crazy' Apple lays out its new case against Samsung, says 50 patents could have been at stake View all 26 stories.

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