Stet in copy editing services

This usage of the verb, known as the "jussive subjunctive", derives from the active-voiced third-person subjunctive singular present and is typically translated as "Let it stand".

Stet in copy editing services

Writing Services This page describes my coaching, copy editing, proofreading, and mock journal review services.

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Visit the Pricing and Terms page to learn about pricing, student discounts, invoicing, and payments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Coaching Coaching is a generic term used to describe any activities where I walk a researcher through the research process.

This can include big projects such as development of an entire research program where the goal is to produce a string of publishable papers to a single research study such as a journal article, conference paper, research report, dissertation, or thesis.

Coaching also includes full copy editing and proofreading services. Coaching is an individualized service. Before we begin, we will discuss exactly what your goals are and make them happen in the time you have to do them. The most common researchers who use my coaching services are beginning professors who need help getting started in their tenure track position and doctoral students who need help with starting or finishing their dissertations.

If you are unsure about whether you need coaching services, contact me and we can discuss your particular research needs. Coaching services are billed by the hour. For current coaching prices, please see the Pricing and Terms page.

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Copy Editing My copy editing services represent the bulk of the work I do as a copy editor, proofreader, and coach. Copy editing services include checking for proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, grammatical structure, and style consistency.

As an author of scholarly work myself, I know what reviewers are looking for in scholarly submissions. Let me use my expertise to copy edit your manuscript in a way few other copy editors can do. Copy editing services are billed by the hour and you are always entitled to a free quote for services.

For current copy editing prices, please see the Pricing and Terms page. Proofreading Unlike copy editing, proofreading is the final stage of review before a manuscript is published in a journal or submitted elsewhere.

Proofreading is a final attempt to remove all errors from the text before it is accepted for final publishing approval by an editor or committee. Concerned with grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, proofreading is an excellent way to put that final polish on a manuscript before it appears in print or is accepted by a committee as a completed work.

My proofreading services include the same high quality attention to detail as found in my copy editing services. However, with proofreading, I am less concerned with the content of the manuscript and more concerned with its ability to deliver a message regardless of what that message is.

stet in copy editing services

Proofreading services are billed by the hour and you are always entitled to a free quote for services. For current proofreading prices, see the Pricing and Terms page.

Mock journal reviews work like this: You submit your completed manuscript to me and I review it as if I were evaluating its competency for publication in the journal of your choice. Although I will point out whether your manuscript has too many grammatical, structural, or other errors, the mock review does not include actual copy editing services.

The purpose of the review is to evaluate your manuscript just as if you submitted to a journal. Consequently, you may only submit completed rather than partially completed manuscripts for mock review. The mock journal review is an opportunity for you to fix all of your manuscript errors before you actually send it off for review.

A mock journal review may reduce the likelihood of desk rejection and reviewers perceiving that your manuscript is not worthy of publication in the journal.

Mock journal reviews are priced by the review rather than by the hour. For current mock journal review prices, please see the Pricing and Terms page.

Catherine Marjoribanks. FREELANCE EDITOR. WHAT THE AUTHORS SAY “I have worked with the same copy editor for years. Catherine Marjoribanks is a Canadian freelancer who does it for my U.K. and American editors, too. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. An ex-library book and may have standard library stamps and/or stickers. At ThriftBooks, our motto is: Read More, Spend Less. At High Street, she serves as the in-house lead for all copy-editing, proofreading, layout and formatting of proposals and reports produced by the firm in addition to routine administrative assignments.

Author Information John Garger is a copy editor, proofreader, dissertation coach, researcher, writer, and entrepreneur living in upstate New York, USA.I started reading at the age of three, and started pointing out mistakes shortly after.

Eventually, I realized that I could turn my love of polishing other people’s writing into a career.

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I currently run Stet Editorial Services, providing copy editing and proofreading to a number of publishers as well as small FREELANCE WRITER/EDITOR . Feb 24,  · (And copy editing, and editing are two different processes.) I think the most important thing to do is to keep reminding myself that the copy editor's job is to make me, and the book, look good.

And he's done a really sold and workmanlike job. Sep 15,  · Copy editing and proofreading symbols biostatmatt. The stet marking, used during copy editing and proofing, tells people to ignore or disregard previous do not make correction copyedi.

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The STET marking, used during copy editing and proofing, tells people to ignore or disregard previous markings on the page. The etymology of the word is straightforward, though. It comes from the Latin, stet, meaning “let it stand.” Notice how the part where the “STET” applies also has little dots underneath it.

stet in copy editing services

Reading Stet is like taking a seminar in the art and craft of editing and then being invited to tea with the professor afterward. While reading it, I remembered that the relationships most responsible for shaping my professional life were those I enjoyed with professors who made themselves available outside of the classroom or office.

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