Shermans march

Hood had taken the bulk of forces in Georgia on his campaign to Tennessee in hopes of diverting Sherman to pursue him. The Cavalry Corps of Maj.

Shermans march

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Visit Website Did you know? March to the Sea After they lost Atlanta, the Confederate army headed west into Tennessee and Alabamaattacking Union supply lines as they went. Sherman was reluctant to set off on a wild goose chase across the South, however, and so he split his troops into two groups.

Factories, farms and railroads provided Confederate troops with the things they needed, he reasoned; and if he could destroy those things, the Confederate war effort would collapse.

On November 22, 3, Confederate cavalry started a skirmish with the Union soldiers at Griswoldville, but that ended so badly— Confederate soldiers were killed or wounded, compared to 62 Yankee casualties—that Southern troops initiated no more battles.

They wrecked bridges, chopped down trees and burned barns filled with provisions before the Union army could reach them.

The Union soldiers were just as unsparing. They raided farms and plantations, stealing and slaughtering cows, chickens, turkeys, sheep and hogs and taking as much other food—especially bread and potatoes—as they could carry.

The marauding Yankees needed the supplies, but they also wanted to teach Georgians a lesson: The city was undefended when they got there.

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The 10, Confederates who were supposed to be guarding it had already fled. Sherman presented the city of Savannah and its 25, bales of cotton to President Lincoln as a Christmas gift. Early inSherman and his men left Savannah and pillaged and burned their way through South Carolina to Charleston.

Shermans march

In April, the Confederacy surrendered and the war was over.Feb 22,  · General Sherman’s troops captured Atlanta on September 2, This was an important triumph, because Atlanta was a railroad hub and the . After Sherman's forces captured Atlanta on September 2, , Sherman spent several weeks making preparations for a change of base to the coast.

Feb 04,  · Ross McElwee sets out to make a documentary about the lingering effects of General Sherman's march of destruction through the South during the Civil War, but is continually sidetracked by See full summary /10(K). Feb 22,  · From November 15 until December 21, , Union General William T.

Sherman led some 60, soldiers on a mile march from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. The purpose of Sherman’s March to the.

Shermans march

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SHERMAN'S MARCH TO THE SEA. From 15 November to 21 December the Union general William T. Sherman and his 62, soldiers waged a purposeful war of destruction in Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah.

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