Roll center analysis

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Roll center analysis

The roll center is an imaginary point around which the rear of the race car rolls. The height of the rear roll center and the front also is critical to handling.

When you lower the panhard bar the rear roll center drops. A lowered rear roll center promotes side bite at the rear which tends to tighten corner handling. However, an extremely low roll center can generate excessive chassis roll which can cause suspension geometry problems.

Also, excessive roll can delay corner exit acceleration Raising the panhard bar raises the rear roll center. Generally, this adjustment causes corner entry handling to loosen and chassis roll to lessen.

Roll center analysis

You can learn the "tuning range" for heights of your panhard bar by testing at the race track and taking good notes! When adjusting for height, change both ends of the panhard bar.

Otherwise you may introduce another handling effect by changing the angle of the panhard bar more later.

Also, if you adjust the height of the panhard bar just at the chassis, the rear roll center may move in the opposite direction. Angle During cornering the chassis exerts a side force on the rear axle and tires through the panhard bar.

When the panhard bar is level, it transmits a wholly lateral force to the rear tires. However, when the panhard bar is angled downward to the right, it transmits a partially downward force to the rear tires and rear traction is enhanced.

Conversely, when the panhard bar is angled upward to the right, it transmits a partially upward force to the rear tires and rear traction is lessened.

The effect of an angled panhard bar on rear tire loadings is brief but very important handling. However, too much panhard bar angle can cause drastic changes in rear tire loadings during cornering and handling may become erratic as a result. When making changes to the angle of your panhard bar, be aware of any effects to the height of the rear roll center.

With this arrangement you can increase rear traction, hence tighten handling throughout the corner, by increasing the downward or decreasing the upward to the right angle of the panhard bar. You can loosen handling throughout the corner by making adjustments opposite to those listed above.

If the panhard bar is not attached to the rear axle near the center of the rear track, the panhard bar will load or unload the rear tires unevenly during cornering. Conversely, a distant tire is affected less by the angle of the panhard bar.

By now you should have a good understanding of how some of the design elements and tuning adjustments of a panhard bar have a collective effect on handling. If anything you have read is unclear, go back and reread the article before progressing. Tuning Tips -- Recommended starting points Height: Loose corner handling usually The chassis to be unforgiving and overly sensitive to the driver.

Tight corner handling usually Excessive chassis roll The chassis to be sluggish and unresponsive to the driver. Conversely, a raised panhard bar which decreases chassis roll and normally loosens handling may actually tighten handling.View Rbc Bearings Incorporated ROLL investment & stock information.

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Data is provided from the Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) or the Rapid Refresh (RAP). A kinematic analysis method that determines roll center of a planar half-car kinematic model with variable tread width is proposed. For this, a half-car model whose wheels are assumed to be connected to the ground by revolute and prismatic joints are constructed, and instantaneous centers of the wheels with respect to the ground of the model is estimated by poles of the wheels with respect to.

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