Lee kuan yew business plan competition 2014

Prior to founding eyewa, Mehdi led the business operations and growth for Foodpanda, a global mobile food delivery marketplace operating in 12 countries.

Lee kuan yew business plan competition 2014

Rolf Pfeiffer 6 Comments Professor Dr. This is demonstrated by the extracts from the Handelsblatt quoted here which have almost every day reported new moves in the quality of life in relation to ICT. The more closely we look at the question of the quality of life and ICT, the more fascinating the subject becomes.

Everyday experience shows many instances of the influence of ICT on the quality of life. Innovative people find the introduction of ICT into new areas of life very positive, even if it later proves to be socially unfavourable. This demonstrates how difficult it is to deal with the humane use of ICT every day in order to maintain our quality of life.

This lee kuan yew business plan competition 2014 not mean daily opposition to ICT, just that it is necessary to keep an alert watch on developments and to make free and independent decisions about our own lives. I can write this manuscript by hand, and then have it typed with a good old-fashioned typewriter.

But this would cause major problems for the editor and publisher. If I write the script on a PC with internet connection, this means extra typing work for me, but the text can then easily be sent and edited. But if I forget to make regular back-up copies and somewhere down the line the IT fails, then I have a problem.

There are many experts these days who can solve these problems. But there are also enough people who see the overall situation as a deterioration in the quality of life. What conclusions can we draw from all the examples we have examined?

lee kuan yew business plan competition 2014

Each individual person has aims and values according to which they can judge the influence of ICT on their quality of life. Institutions including companies have aims and values according to which they can judge the influence of ICT applications on the wellbeing of their employees.

Society and politicians strive towards a quality of life compatible with their aims and values and use ICT in an appropriate and humane manner. HumaniThesia will provide the basis on which these aims can be achieved. Introduction Somebody I know recently told be very proudly that he had neither a PC nor an internet connection, nor even a television.

This, he said, meant he enjoyed a much higher quality of life. He was not impressed by being told that, in spite of his best efforts, he was involved in IT systems in the form of traffic control systems, accounting systems, transport ticket machines, and many other aspects of modern life.

On the subject of bus or rail tickets he protested stolidly that if he could not buy them at a counter, then he would go by his own car. Our year old son expressed the opposite opinion. For him, international communication and dealing with personnel matters via computer at work is normal and seen in a positive light.

He also takes advantage of all the opportunities offered by IT in his private life. He added, however, that he felt he was not quite able to keep up to date with the continuous very rapid developments in the field.

On which point I, of course, do not agree with him. Because he views the whole picture with great interest, he highlights certain aspects for me. He first mentioned Facebook, which enables him to be in daily contact with friends around the world.

This he regards as a great advance in IT as contacts of this kind are a very positive contribution to understanding between the peoples of the world. Our son thinks that this revolutionary development has come about because people can now make contact using their mobile phones, rather than the computer; made possible of course by the iPhone and similar devices.

Many people thus are able to share their private lives with friends, often in great detail and including live videos. For both the active user and the abstainer, IT is always taken for granted in the background, even if personal views are very different. We therefore need to take a closer look at the question of quality of life, especially because the introduction and development of IT can bring about a wide range of advantages for the whole human race.

People on different continents are brought closer together by means of information and communication.


In the field of medicine, IT enables better treatments and quicker recoveries. IT removes heavy work tasks, improves security and supports education. In short, life is no longer imaginable without it.

Very recent developments are accelerating information and communication, especially for the so-called IT generation. However, like everything else in life, people use IT not only for good purposes, but also abuse it for their personal ends, such as to achieve and maintain power and financial advantages.

It is therefore necessary to deal also with these aberrations.March – March 1 year 1 month. Guangzhou, Shanghai. Singapore Management University Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition.

June – July 2 months. ashio-midori.comry: Management Consulting.

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SMU’s Lee Kuan Yew Business Plan Competition is letting startups pitch directly to Y Combinator CEO Michael Seibel. Stanford’s acceptance rate was percent and Harvard’s was The students from Temasek Polytechnic are generally wellrounded in terms of communication skills and clinical knowledge.

The curriculum is well-balanced enough to provide sufficient coverage as well as depth to adequately equip the students for the internship programme. A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world-class research and distinguished teaching.

SMU offers a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programmes in the disciplinary areas associated with the six schools, as well as in interdisciplinary combinations of these areas. The National University of Singapore (NUS) is an autonomous research university in ashio-midori.comd in as a medical college, NUS is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore and its achievements in research and education have made it one of the world's most prestigious universities.

NUS is a comprehensive research university, offering a wide range of disciplines, including the. Dear friends, Mrs Grace Wong-Ng, aged 76, went home to be with the Lord on Sunday morning, 21st October Wake service nightly 8pm at: St Peter’s church, 1 Tavistock Avenue, S (Serangoon Garden) on Monday, 22Oct and Tues 23Oct.

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