Internet and important role

The internet has definitely brought a huge revolution in every field thus reducing stress and enhancing the work quality.

Internet and important role

The Internet doesn't just arouse fears; it also sparks enthusiasm -- especially regarding its political potential in authoritarian regimes.

The Internet undoubtedly played an important role in the Arab spring. An Egyptian Google employee simply set up a Facebook page he administered that brought together people who were concerned about the country's political leadership.

An individual, almost offhandedly, uses an infrastructure that's available to almost anybody. It's just as easy with Twitter. Now many regimes feel threatened, of course, and they are searching for kill-switches to shut this down.

Critics say the Twitter-supported rebellion was just a flash in the pan for the media. The real resistance, they argue, is not being waged by people sitting at computers or typing messages into mobile phones.

At least people can find out online that there are others who see things in a similar way. And the mass media, which disseminate all those Twitter feeds, can help take the case one step further.

Of course, there are also things the Internet doesn't do well, such as sustaining a political movement over an extended period of time. So it's more of a medium to get things going? We can see that, for example, in the scandal over Rupert Murdoch's News of the World -- which is absolutely stunning stuff.

There had been rumors for years over people hacking into private voicemail, but no one had seriously examined the issue. The media had become too entangled with politicians. Then there was a report that something like that had been done with Milly Dowler, the kidnapped schoolgirl who was later found murdered.

And do you know what turned that case, almost overnight, into one of the biggest political issues in Great Britain? All of a sudden, many parents expressed outrage on the site, and the audience became so incensed, that they spontaneously launched a campaign, basically saying: This portal was really crucial for the scandal to gain traction?

This shows very nicely that the infrastructure by which people can organize already exists. It may have been set up for something completely different -- for child-rearing purposes, for entertainment, for chatting with friends -- but that doesn't matter.

Any infrastructure can be repurposed at a moment's notice. Even football clubs and rugby teams are organized online today.

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The neighborhood where I live has its own blog, a website and an e-mail list. Just about everywhere, there are potentially political groups, as soon as something happens that gets people upset. What is emerging here is what I call the "Fifth Estate".

Networked individuals can hold the established estates -- the government, but also the media -- accountable at any time.

In this sense, the Internet makes society more pluralistic, more democratic. By feeding short-lived, impulsive protest movements? Just look at another example, the civil society website MoveOn.

At first it was merely a smart mob that opposed the impending impeachment of then President Bill Clinton.

Internet and important role

But over the years, it turned into a sort of umbrella organization for all sorts of progressive initiatives. It used to be said that the Internet enables a new form of democracy, with the citizens directly involved in political decision-making.

On the local level, yes, especially if people become upset about something. Here in Great Britain, there was a move to cut back local funding, with public libraries being one of the casualties.

Part 5: The role of the internet

This prompted groups of supporters to gather around local libraries, and they linked with other groups over the Internet. The "Save Our Libraries" movement was fairly successful. But in general, the Internet as a medium of direct democracy is of limited use.The role of the internet in getting local jobs information becomes more important among younger Americans (those under age 40).

Some 24% of all those under age 40 rely most on the internet to get jobs information, compared with 17% who rely on newspapers. Importance of internet in our life is similar to oxygen for this tech world.

It’s tough to be happy for few people without internet. Today it’s time about online reputation, internet marketing, online business, online degrees, social media presence and internet banking. The Internet has introduced improvements in technology, communication and online entertainment, but it is also incredibly useful for education purposes as well.

Teachers use the Internet to supplement their lessons, and a number of prestigious universities have opened up free online lectures and. Role of Internet / Web Technology on Modern Public Administration The Internet has become as one of the most important form of communication media in and among public administration.

Communication is an essential part of every field. A screen shot of the NeXT computer used by Tim Berners-Lee to browse the World Wide Web at the time became publicly accessible on Aug. 6, Uses of Internet in our Daily Life Internet is a worldwide organization of computer network.

When one is at an internet, one becomes a part of that group of people who use the computer for exchanging their ideas and information.

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