How to start dosa business plan

However, most budding entrepreneurs see their dreams nipped in the bud due to paucity of funds for investment. Should you possess some special skills, you can definitely start your own small business with low investment.

How to start dosa business plan

Radishes are a great vegetable to use when kicking off your fermentation habit! Always my evil plan, of course. If you hate radishes, maybe give something else a try first. I ferment radishes of all kinds, and they all ferment gorgeously. They all love to be fermented, and reward they reward their fermenter with an effortless, versatile treat.

Wash in cool water.

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How-To Wash the radishes and cut out any soft or unsightly parts. Place them in a widemouthed pint jar. Mix salt into room temperature water until dissolved. Place a weight in the jar, or use a smaller jar full of water to keep your radishes submerged. Make sure that there is a thin layer of water over the top of the radishes, and that there is a little space between the water level and the rim of the jar.

If your jar is too full, time to munch a couple raw radish slices to bring it back down to normal. You want to leave room for the carbonation to escape. Allow your jar to sit at room temperature for 6 days.

Enjoy your radish pickles plain or as suggested above!

how to start dosa business plan

One way to use finished radishes!To start an idli-dosa batter business you just need that enthusiasm to do something on your own. Firstly, look at your neighbourhood to find out if there are people who are ready to buy your batter. I recommend starting your fermentation adventure with radishes because radishes just love to be fermented.

I think it’s difficult to get them wrong, and that the end result is so transformed and delightful, they’ll get you hooked right into a lifetime fermentation habit!

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Online Business Ideas with Low or No Investment. Online businesses are the hottest business opportunities provided you have interest & knowledge in starting an online business. Oct 14,  · To Start Your Magic Dosa Counter @ Lowest Investment - Register with us First time in India - We have Designed a Commercial Dosa Maker that can be operated by any unskilled.

Buy Raw Materials: Idli and dosa batter needs rice, urad dal and methi as the main raw materials. Once your business picks up you can look out for bulk deals from wholesalers or farmers.

Say, you can buy rice in sacks of 50kg and thus reduce the cost, in effect increasing your profit. Apr 17,  · hello friends welcome in this video i am going to show you dosa making business ===== 1) Dosa making Machine.

50 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment