Gs1140 likeyawilliams module4 exercise

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Gs1140 likeyawilliams module4 exercise

Either on slips of paper, in their notes, with this handout Microsoft Word How do you rate your knowledge of systems diagrams right now?

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I have never heard of systems diagrams. I have heard of systems diagrams, but cannot elaborate. I could explain a little about systems diagrams.

If given a systems diagram, I could explain it. I could create a systems diagram and then explain it.

Gs1140 likeyawilliams module4 exercise

Then, the instructor gives students a short introduction to systems thinking. Prompt students to work individually to describe a bathtub in 2—4 complete sentences.

Motivation for studying systems thinking and The Bathtub System 10 min Slides 5— The instructor defines systems terms visually using a bathtub as a system and then shows examples of why systems thinking is important. Students modify this diagram based on a news story.

Lisa Gilbert, Williams College Reuse: Example of a system, using systems terminology 20 min a Slide The instructor plays the first two minutes of the Minnesota Public Radio piece linked within the PowerPoint.

The instructor asks students to list influences on climate.

Gs1140 likeyawilliams module4 exercise

Then, at slide 18, with a partner, students should sort their list of influences into fluxes, reservoirs, and feedbacks. To access audio file: An MP3 file can be downloaded in advance, or Audio played on via some browsers at this link: Is climate change fueling more wild fires?

The instructor prompts students to work with a partner to answer the following on the Student Handout for Evaluating a System Diagram Activity Microsoft Word Does the diagram fully represent the complexity of the system described by the speaker?

If not, add to the diagram.The unit is intended for use in a course or module for which systems thinking is critical to the goals of the course or module. The examples used are general enough to be used with nearly any course. This unit can stand alone or be used at any point during a course to help promote systems thinking.

Signatures: A-G¹². STC (2nd ed.) ESTC S Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site. When you complete the exercise, check your answers with the answer key that follows.

If you answer any item incorrectly, study again that part of the lesson which contains the. Module 9: Paraphrasing to Perfection To understand the difference between an acceptable and an unacceptable paraphrase, start by reading this excerpt from an original source on the subject, a book called The Craft of Research by Wayne C.

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