Examine how one theory of emotion

Ossa Certified Educator Although the fields of psychology and sociology have co-existed for more than a century as social sciences, they are not morally, ethically, nor academically "obligated" to interact completely within the research field.

Examine how one theory of emotion

According tNeisser, FBM may simply be a narrative convention. He explained this idea by saying that flashbulb memories are governed by the conventions of a storytelling schema, following a specific structure. In other words, when we recount important events, we do by using conventional storytelling techniques.

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To investigate the accuracy of flashbulb memory Methods: Participants were asked to report on the circumstances of their learning about the challenger space disaster on V Clearly, their memories of how they learned the news about the challenger disaster changed over time Assuming that participants' memories were more accurate one day after the disaster, it can be concluded that their memories about how they had heard about the news had deteriorated significantly during the subsequent two and a half years.

Connection of study to question This thus suggests that FBM are not reliable as influenced by post-event information. To investigate the accuracy of FBM Methods: After five months, memories were vague, and subject to systematic biases.

Examine how one theory of emotion

Found that memories were a blend of their own real experiences, and information that had come after the event. To test the accuracy of flashbulb memory Methods: Participants were interviewed and asked questions about the explosion of the challenger a few days after 9 months Also asked on personal memories Results: It was found that there were discrepancies over time between what was recalled shortly after the accident and what was remembered nine months later.

There were inaccuracies in the memories. FBM can be forgotten and thus cannot be considered as a special memory, but are products of ordinary memory mechanisms.

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The type of methodology used was interview thus questions asked in the experiment were not focused thus could vary from participant to participant Weaknesses: Connection of study to question Does not support this theory of flashbulb memory Differ from other memories in that they are more vivid, last longer and are more consistent and accurate This study showed that flashbulb memories are not different as they don't last as long as assumed by Neisser.

Conclusion In conclusion, FBM affected by emotion can influence the recall of memories. However, it is hard to test accuracy of memories as the evidence is very retrospective Overall Strengths: The majority of research into flashbulb memories is naturalistic.

Examine how one theory of emotion

Therefore there is high in ecological validity. However, the studies can lack reliability as they cannot really be replicated. Therefore, we cannot test to see how consistent the results are.Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior to examine the role of anticipated negative emotions on channel intention: The case of an embarrassing product One of the strengths of the TPB is its ability to capture the influence of social norms on intention.

This research overcame the limitation of emotion measurement using perceived. May 17,  · Disgust Examine: Scrutinize the theory of how disgust helps us survive and make sure our offspring survive. In terms of the the theory of evolution this helps us survive.

Try to note and understand the interrelationship and assumptions made to justify the emotion of disgust. Evolution is change in the heritable traits of biological.

The final sociological theory, the exchange theory, explains the basic building blocks of emotion: reward and motivation. When humans are rewarded with something that affects them positively or.

Examine how one theory of emotion may affect one cognitive process Words Mar 6th, 5 Pages One theory of how emotion affects the cognitive process of memory is by a process known as a Flashbulb Memory.

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The Evolutionary Psychology of Emotions and Behavior Irrational Emotions emotion—that suggests that emotions are wise and not to be ignored (Buss, ; Clore, Perhaps the broadest and most inclusive evolutionary theory of emotions is one that views these states as superordinate cognitive programs (e.g., Cosmides & Tooby.

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