Characteristics of orsino in shakespeares twelfth

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Characteristics of orsino in shakespeares twelfth

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As the innate dignity of Perdita pierces through her rustic disguise, so the exquisite refinement of Viola triumphs over her masculine attire. Viola is, perhaps, in a degree less elevated and ideal than Perdita, but with a touch of sentiment more profound and heart-stirring; she is "deep-learned in the lore of love" — at least theoretically — and speaks as masterly on the subject as Perdita does of flowers.

The situation and the character of Viola have been censured for their want of consistency and probability; it is therefore worth while to examine how far this criticism is true. As for her situation in the drama of which she is properly the heroine it is shortly this: She is shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria: She wishes to enter into the service of the Countess Olivia; but she is assured that this is impossible; "for the lady, having recently lost an only and beloved brother, has abjured the sight of men, has shut herself up in her palace, and will admit no kind of suit.

If we carry our thoughts back to a romantic and chivalrous age, there is surely sufficient probability here for all the purposes of poetry. Did it ever fail to charm or to interest, to seize on the coldest fancy, to touch the most insensible heart?

Viola then is the chosen favourite of the enamoured Duke, and becomes his messenger to Olivia, and the interpreter of his sufferings to that inaccessible beauty.

Characteristics of orsino in shakespeares twelfth

In her character of a youthful page, she attracts the favour of Olivia, and excites the jealousy of her lord. The situation is critical and delicate; but how exquisitely is the character of Viola fitted to her part, carrying her through the ordeal with all the inward and spiritual grace of modesty!

What beautiful propriety in the distinction drawn between Rosalind and Viola!

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The wild sweetness, the frolic humour which sports free and unblamed amid the shades of Ardennes, would ill become Viola, whose playfulness is assumed as part of her disguise as a court-page, and is guarded by the strictest delicacy.

She has not, like Rosalind, a saucy enjoyment in her own incognito; her disguise does not sit so easily upon her; her heart does not beat freely under it. The feminine cowardice of Viola, which will not allow her even to affect a courage becoming her attire — her horror at the idea of drawing a sword, is very natural and characteristic; and produces a most humorous effect, even at the very moment it charms and interests us.

Contrasted with the deep, silent, patient love of Viola for the Duke, we have the lady-like wilfulness of Olivia; and her sudden passion, or rather fancy, for the disguised page, takes so beautiful a colouring of poetry and sentiment, that we do not think her forward.

Twelfth Night is a genuine comedy — a perpetual spring of the gayest and the sweetest fancies. In artificial society men and women are divided into castes and classes, and it is rarely that extremes in character or manners can approximate.

To blend into one harmonious picture the utmost grace and refinement of sentiment and the broadest effects of humour, the most poignant wit and the most indulgent benignity, in short, to bring before us in the same scene Viola and Olivia, with Malvolio and Sir Toby, belonged only to Nature and to Shakespeare.3) The concept of mistaken identity in “Comedy of Errors” and “Twelfth Night” As mentioned before, the ploy of mistaken identity is the main device behind the plot of the two Shakespearean comedies “Comedy of Errors” and “Twelfth Night”.

Notable Quotes from Twelfth Night If music be the food of love, play on () —In the opening speech of the play, Duke Orsino gives vent to his deliciously impossible love-longing for the Lady Olivia.

'Twelfth Night' is one of Shakespeare's romantic comedies. While it has many sets of lovers, its main protagonist is Viola, an aristocratic woman shipwrecked and forced to take up the disguise of.

Characteristics of orsino in shakespeares twelfth

in "Twelfth Night" Total: print/save view. OPTIONS: Orsino! I have heard my father name him: He was a bachelor then.

8. I,2, What's she? 9. I,2, O that I served that lady Return to the "Twelfth Night" menu. Plays Sonnets Poems Concordance Character . Twelfth night wikipedia, twelfth night, or what you will is a comedy by william shakespeare, believed to have been written around as a twelfth night's entertainment for the close of the christmas season the play centres on the twins.

Gender Ambiguity and Desire in Twelfth Night María del Rosario Arias Doblas UNIVERSIY OF MÁLAGA Recent criticism of Shakespearean comedies has significantly focused on topics such as cross- dressing and the role of the boy actor.

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