An analysis of intercultural negotiations between the east and west essay

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An analysis of intercultural negotiations between the east and west essay

D Hu Exhibition Proposal: Abstract This essay is a preliminary inquiry into the intercultural curatorial practice. The reason I propose Huang Yong Ping HYP is that he's not only an important figure of Chinese contemporary art but also his work is widely discussed of intercultural conflicts and communications based on his diaspora experience in France after Huang's work argues how it subsequently evolved, as a theoretical basis of analysis of the changing cultural identity of Chinese art from 20th century modernization to the 's contemporary transformation into globalization.

Through the analysis of marketing and finance strategy and the comparison of Chinese and German contexts, I try to conclude with a referential way of doing the intercultural curatorial practice.

The choice of MGB as a particular context of this proposal is based on my first-hand internship experience there; and more importantly, MGB as a special historical locality - until the end of the cold war in the building stood on the border between East and West Berlin - could form and stimulate conversations with Huang Yong Ping whose works are widely discussed of cultural identity between East and West based on Huang's personal diaspora experience in France as a Chinese artist afterand his following pathway entered the era of globalization by holding both of his Chinese and French cultural identities.

Huang Yong Ping is one of the most distinct examples of 2 Chinese cultural elites emigrating after and Huang's work reflects what they experienced from diaspora to globalization. Borders within this process can be a symbol of differentiation of cultural identities. Therefore MGB can be a symbolized location because of the history of Berlin.

Also it includes some proposals for the programme at MGB accompanying the exhibition. The proposal of Huang Yong Ping at MGB is an example of a Chinese artist cuarted in certain German context and it leads to the analysis of intercultural curatorial practice in Germany as the second part of this essay.

Analysis of marketing and audience development strategies and analysis of possible financing resources including an estimated budget are related to Chinese and German realities. The references of this part focus on the successful cases of cultural marketing and financing in Germany.

Moreover I considered the practical aspects of this proposal to realize in this particular situation, such as sponsorship in China and Germany and a realizable budget.

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In this part the hypothetical difficulties and problems are analyzed based on my understanding of German institution and Chinese reality. The analysis of challenges and chances of intercultural curatorial practice concludes this essay from two aspects: It's an explanation of one aspect of Chinese modernity - the acceptance and integration of the West or the so-called Westernization of Chinese culture.

An analysis of intercultural negotiations between the east and west essay

This process could be traced to early 20th century, but ruptured by times of revolutions including Cultural Revolution.

In s, it came to a peak time. The uniqueness of Huang is that he's coming from '85 New Wave but he was one of the rareness during that time to keep a distance from the wave. And afterhe moved out so to retrospect Chinese modernity from a different perspective.

Therefore Huang's methodology was foothold by an element: Secondly, the challenge is the opportunity for all the Chinese intercultural practitioners.

The time after economic 3 booming gives us the Chinese opportunities in culture.

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I think of the challenges and potential opportunities as a conclusion of my study of German experience.wave may have traveled to the Middle East, and from there, one branch went to India and a American West. ness as an intercultural communicator is in part a function of your knowledge of other peoples and their cultures and, second, that as you learn more about other people from various cul-.

Negotiation Across Cultures See also: Negotiation Skills. Negotiations are rarely easy, mainly because they tend to consist of two sides trying to “beat” the other. Neil Payne is Marketing Director at Training South West, a company . Feb 25,  · A follow-up analysis revealed Mindblindness: An essay on autism and theory of mind.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press; 2. Kleinke CL () Gaze and eye () Are the windows to the soul the same in the East and West? Cultural differences in using the eyes and mouth as cues to recognize emotions in Japan and the.

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The parameters are the cultural diffusion east meets west and the spread of religion. It will focus on the time period between the 2nd and the late 17th centuries and the places investigated will be the west, (made up of Europe and the Middle-East) and the east (which refers to most of Asia, although in this investigation it will focus mostly.

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